Photo Gallery

Too Human meets jazz singer Dianne Reeves backstage at the Savannah Music Festival - what an amazing, inspiring show it was!

Left to right: Roger, Dianne Reeves, Ellen

March 20, 2009

Photo by Anna Jean Redmond

WHRV Fund Drive March 2009

Left to right: Kelly Murphy, Roger, Mary Lou, Jordan and Jimmy Masters.

March 31, 2009

Photo by Ellen

Too Human With Jimmy Masters on Bass at The Boot in Norfolk, VA

Left to right: Roger, Ellen, Jimmy Masters.

April 2, 2009

Photo by Kelly Murphy

Too Human opens for Janis Ian at the Harris Creek Acoustic House Concert Series

Left to right: Ellen, Kelly Murphy (Harris Creek Acoustic), Janis, Roger

November 10, 2002

Photo by Lianne Van De Ven

Left to right: Ellen, Janis, Roger

Photo by Tina Abato

Hanging with the Persuasions at the Cambridge City Music Fest after our set, before theirs

September 22, 2002

Photo by Janet Schwartz

The Rodi Med-American Grill in Gastonia, NC, the coolest place in the universe!

Wild Al on his knees! With co-owner Carla Pope egging him on.

March 29, 2002 - Traci's Birthday Party

Turning Point, Piermont, NY

January 27, 2002

Three fans from the Bear Library in New Castle, DE

March 8, 2003